Who Is Odest?

CEO & a Principal at WLM Financial, a privately-held, full-service Real Estate firm. Odest specializes in Consulting and advisory services for, education, government, and non-profit organizations throughout Southern California.

His practice encompasses a broad spectrum of transactional disciplines; including, transaction negotiations, tenant Buy-outs, tenant re=locations, lease restructuring and marketing. He is an expert in strategy, market analysis, and team building.

Excelling at coming up with creative solutions to difficult situations. Odest has spent the last decade providing clients with Multi-family Real Estate consulting and expertise to achieve his client’s needs.

Odest holds his B.A. in Public Relations and A.A. in Real Estate. He accomplished all of this while working as an Executive Manager for a Fortune 100. His passions and work ethic have given him the mindset and heart to see Real Estate as a pathway to generational wealth for his family and his community. He presently holds the position of Housing Advisory commissioner for his beloved city of Inglewood!

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